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Accommodating iol ft worth

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I don't believe that I have any latent hyperopia, and although 44 years old, my eyes have always been like this, and I don't yet have or need a reading add (I was given the option of a 0.25 add, which my optician didn't feel was necessary, so I didn't bother with it).For someone who has a very small distance prescription and no real need for a reading addition, at times I find it incredibly difficult to see well enough to thread a needle with my distance prescription, which makes me think it must be my convergence insufficiency.

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A previous optician explained it in simple terms as convergence occurring when the eyes accommodate to focus close up, saying that if you have a tendency for convergence insufficiency, being slightly under corrected and having to accommodate more greatly, helps your eyes to converge.This sounds like I am describing latent hyperopia and I probably am, but in my case, I don't think it was latent hyperopia per sec (I suppose it could be considered as temporary latent hyperopia owing to over accommodation over the course of the day, which disappears overnight).Since I wasn't wearing my glasses, I was simply over accommodating to see.I think that it is quite possible that over accommodating owing to eye strain is the cause of your prescription decreasing, since it happened in a way to me, although in my case, it took the form of my glasses seeming too strong when putting them on for the first time later in the day.What I believe was happening in my case, was that my eyes were accommodating to see without my glasses, causing my eyes to ache and burn, and after accommodating all day, it was difficult for my eyes to relax fully for distance.I therefore think in your case, since you also have convergence insufficiency that you should wait until you are happy that you have been given an accurate distance prescription before mentioning specific near issues, other than you are concerned that your distance vision may be under corrected since you are struggling sufficiently at near to need a 1.00 reading addition at only 21 years old, even though you have been told that you have good accommodation.

What I am trying to say, is that I believe that you are interested specifically in whether your near issues are caused by your distance prescription not having sufficient plus (although I wouldn't mention this at your appointment), and I would say no more than that your distance prescription doesn't seem strong enough even for distance, and is inadequate at near to the point that you are having to wear 1.00 reading glasses over your contacts, which will hopefully result in the ophthalmologist considering whether your distance vision is fully corrected with your current prescription. I think its best to not focus too much on binocular vision issues. I think when farsightedness is bad enough it kind of masks astigmatism.

It will be interesting if he finds any latent hyperopia.

If he doesn't, you need to accept his prescription and consider a referral to look for another cause.

I know that I have true convergence insufficiency, although it is now largely resolved and intermittent.

In my case, I have been told that it is caused by the muscles which are responsible for eye movement and convergence, being weak.

Ill just avoid mentioning convergence insufficiency and let the doctor decide whats going on. Lou , Hi Weirdeyes Since I find it very difficult to see to thread a needle and also have to enlarge text to read it comfortably, although I can read small text, just not very easily, and my ability to do both is variable, whereas my overall eyesight is very stable, I think that in both our cases, this is probably caused by convergence insufficiency.