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to couple (= to unite, bring together in pairs); 2. ...acre¹ [A] n acreacre² adj acrid Hence: acritate; acrimonia &acrimonia n acrimony Hence: acrimonioseacrimoniose adj acrimoniousacritate n acridnessacrobata (-óbata) n acrobat Hence: acrobatia; acrobatismo; acrobaticacrobatia (-ía) n acrobaticsacrobatic adj acrobaticacrobatismo n acrobatismacropole n acropolisacrostichio n [Pros.] acrosticact- see ageraction n I.

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[Biol.] to abort (= to remain undeveloped or shrink away)abortive adj abortiveaborto n abortionab ovo [L] ab ovo, from the beginningabrader [-rad-/-ras-] v to abrade Hence: abrasion; abrasiveabras- see abraderabrasion n abrasionabrasive adj abrasiveabrogabile adj abrogableabrogar v to abrogate Hence: abrogabile; abrogation; abrogative; abrogator; abrogatoriabrogation n repeal, abrogationabrogative adj abrogativeabrogator n abrogatorabrogatori adj rescinding, abrogatingabrumper [-rump-/-rupt-] v to break off, rend Hence: abrupteabrupt- see abrumperabrupte adj abrupt (= very steep)Abruzzi [I] nprpl Abruzzi Absalom nprm Absalomabsceder [-ced-/-cess-] v to form (turn into) an abscess Hence: abscessoabscess- see abscederabscesso n abscessabscinder [-scind-/-sciss-] v to cut off, abscind Hence: abscissaabsciss- see abscinderabscissa n [Math.] abscissaabsentar v -; absentar se to absent oneselfabsente adj absent Hence: absentia; absentismo; absentista; absentarabsentia n absence; brillar per su absentia to be conspicuous by one’s absenceabsentismo n absenteeismabsentista n absentee (owner)absinthic adj absinthial, absinthicabsinthina n [Chem.] absinthinabsinthio n absinthe (1. “alcoholic liquor absinthe”) Hence: absinthismo; absinthic; absinthinaabsinthismo n [Med.] absinthismabsolut- see absolverabsolute adj absolute; temperatura absolute absolute temperature; ablativo absolute ablative absoluteabsolution n absolution, remission; also: acquittalabsolutismo n absolutismabsolutista n absolutistabsolutor n absolverabsolutori adj absolutory, absolvingabsolver [-solv-/-solut-] v to absolve, acquit Hence: absolution; absolutor; absolutori; absolute-absolutismo, absolutistaabsorbente¹ adj absorbentabsorbente² n absorbent (= absorbing substance)absorbentia n absorbencyabsorber [-sorb-/-sorpt-] v to absorb; absorbite in absorbed in Hence: absorbente-absorbentia; absorbibile; absorption; reabsorber-reabsorptionabsorbibile adj absorbableabsorpt- see absorberabsorption n absorptionabstent- see abstinerabstention n abstentionabstentionista n abstentionistabstinente adj abstemiousabstinentia n abstinenceabstiner [-tin-/-tent-] v -; abstiner se de to abstain from Hence: abstinente-abstinentia; abstention-abstentionistaabstract- see abstraherabstracte adj abstractabstraction n abstraction (1. state of being lost in thought); facer abstraction de to disregard, leave out of considerationabstraher [-trah-/-tract-] v [Logic] to abstract Hence: abstraction; abstracteabstruder [-trud-/-trus-] v 1. to conceal Hence: abstruseabstrus- see abstruderabstruse adj abstruseabsurde adj absurd Hence: absurditateabsurditate n absurdityabuccamento n 1. Mythol.] Academus Hence: academia &acaju [-jú] n 1. mahogany; nuce de acaju cashew nutacantha n [Bot.] prickle, thorn Hence: acanthophore etc.; tragacantha etc.; notacanthe etc.acanthaceas n [Bot.] Acanthaceaeacanthacee adj [Bot.] acanthaceousacantho n acanthus (1. [Arch.]) Hence: acanthacee-acanthaceasacanthophore [-óphore] adj spine-bearing, acanthophorousacceder [-ced-/-cess-] v 1. to accede (= to assent) Hence: accessibile-accessibilitate, inaccessibile-inaccessibilitate; accession; accessori-accessorio; accessoaccelerando [I] n [Mus.] accelerandoaccelerar v to accelerate Hence: acceleration; acceleratoracceleration n accelerationaccelerator n accelerator (1. contrivance for producing greater speed in a machine)accendalia n kindling (= wood, shavings etc. at (a point in space or time, a stage of development, etc.); a ( inf) to; also: for ( gerund); sala a attender waiting room Hence: [apena] etc.[a-] prefixo verbal [used with verbs and, in combination with verbal suffixes, with nouns and adjectives] to, toward, into (expressing motion to, change into, increase of intensity, etc.) Hence: abatter etc.; abassar etc.a- prefixo [an- before -h- and vowels; used with nouns and adjectives] a-, an- (= not ...; without, lacking ...) Hence: agnostic etc.; amnesia etc.; analphabete etc.; anarchia etc.; anesthesia etc.; anesthetic etc.; anhydre etc.; athee etc. to accost, address Hence: abbordo; abbordage; abbordabileabbordo n 1. [Navy] (act of) boarding (a ship)abbreviamento n abridgement, abbreviationabbreviar v to abridge, abbreviate Hence: abbreviamento; abbreviation; abbreviative; abbreviator; abbreviaturaabbreviation n abbreviation, abridgmentabbreviative adj abridging, abbreviatoryabbreviator n 1. adherence (“adherence to a treaty, a party, etc.”)accesso n access (1. fit)accessori adj accessory (= adjunct)accessorio n accessoryaccidental adj accidental (1. abandon Hence: abandonar-abandonamentoabassamento n lowering; also: abasement; abassamento de un equation [Math.] reduction of an equationabassar v to lower; also: to abase; abassar un perpendicular [Geom.] to drop a perpendicularabatter v to knock or cast down Hence: abattimento; abattitor; abattitorio; abattiteabattimento n despondency, dejectionabattite 1. adj downcast, dejectedabattitor n one who knocks down; also: feller, wood-cutter, slaughterer, etc.abattitorio n slaughterhouse, abattoirabbate n abbot Hence: abbatessa; abbatia-abbatialabbatessa n abbessabbatia (-ía) n 1. abbeyabbatial adj abbatialabbordabile adj approachable, accessibleabbordage (-aje) n [Naut.] (act of) boarding (a ship)abbordar v 1. [Navy] to board (= to come alongside in order to attack); 3. [Physiol.] to abduct Hence: abduction; abductorabduct- see abducerabduction n [Physiol.] abductionabductor n [Physiol.] abductor Abel nprm Abelaberrante adj aberrant (= deviating from the normal type)aberrar v to deviate, aberrate Hence: aberrante; aberrationaberration n aberrationabhorrer v to abhor Hence: abhorrimento; abhorribileabhorribile adj abominable, hatefulabhorrimento n abhorrenceabiberar v to water (1. to irrigate)abiberatorio n watering-place, water-holeabiete n fir (1. fir wood); abiete de Canada hemlock (spruce)-abile suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -ar] -able (= that can be ...ed; that is worthy to be ...ed) Hence: observabile etc.; admirabile etc.abiogenese (-génese) n abiogenesis, spontaneous generationabiogenesis (-génesis) n abiogenesis, spontaneous generationabiogenetic adj abiogeneticabject- see abjic-abjecte adj abject, meanabjection n abjection, abjectnessabjic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives] Hence: abjection; abjecteabjurar v to abjure (1. to recant, repudiate) Hence: abjurationabjuration n abjurationablandar v to soften; also: to mollify, mitigate, assuage, etc.ablativo n ablative; ablativo absolute ablative absoluteabluer [-lu-/-lut-] v to wash, cleanse Hence: ablutionablut- see abluerablution n ablution, washingabnegar v to deny oneself, abnegate Hence: abnegationabnegation n abnegation, self-denialabolimento n abolishment, abolitionabolir v to abolish Hence: abolimento; abolition-abolitionismo, abolitionistaabolition n abolition, abolishmentabolitionismo n abolitionismabolitionista n abolitionistabominabile adj abominableabominar v to abominate Hence: abominabile; abominationabomination n abomination (1. loathsome object)abonamento n subscription (to a periodical, etc.)abonar¹ v to enter the subscription (to a periodical, etc.) of (a person); abonar se to subscribe (to a periodical, etc.) Hence: abonamentoabonar² v to improve (= to make better)abor- [-bor-/-bort-] v [occurring in derivatives] Hence: abortive; aborto-abortar-abortamentoaborigines (-ígines) npl aboriginesabort- see abor-abortamento n miscarriage, abortionabortar v I. accession (“accession to a dignity, a throne, etc.”); 2. [Physiol.] adductoradelpho- n [occurring in compounds] adelpho-, adelph- (1. twin) Hence: monadelphe etc.; Philadelphia [Gr.] n [Physiol.] gland Hence: adenitis; adenoma; adenoide; adenose; adenographia etc.adenitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] adenitisadenographia (-ía) n adenographyadenoide adj adenoid, adenoidaladenoides npl adenoidsadenoma n [Pathol.] adenomaadenose adj glandulous, adenoseadeo (-éo) interj farewell, good-by(e)adepto n adeptadequar v to equalize Hence: adequation; adequate-inadequateadequate 1. adj adequateadequation n adequationadherente n adherent, followeradherentia n adherence, attachmentadherer [-her-/-hes-] v to adhere (1. as in “to adhere to an opinion, party, etc.”) Hence: adherente-adherentia; adhesion; adhesiveadhes- see adhereradhesion n adhesion (1. assent)adhesive adj adhesive, stickingad hoc [L] ad hoc (= for the sake of this particular case, well-suited for this matter)ad hominem [L] ad hominem; argumento ad hominem argumentum ad hominem[adhuc] adv to this place, thus far, hitherto, as yet, until now, so far, yet, stilladieu [F] n farewell, adieuadipe (ádipe) n animal fat, body fat; also: adeps Hence: adiposis; adipose-adipositate; adipocera etc.adipocera n adipocereadipose adj adipose, fatadiposis (-ósis) n adiposis, fatty degenerationadipositate n adiposity, fatnessadir v 1. to attain, enter upon; also: [Law] to enter on (an inheritance, etc.) Hence: adition; aditoadition n [Law] entering upon (an inheritance)adito (ádito) n adit, entrance (1. access)adjacente adj adjacent; angulos adjacente adjacent anglesadjacentia n adjacency (= state of being adjacent)adjacer v -; adjacer a to lie near or close to, border upon Hence: adjacente-adjacentiaadject- see adjic-adjectival adj [Gram.] adjectival, adjectiveadjective adj [Gram.] adjective, adjectival Hence: adjectivo-adjectivaladjectivo n [Gram.] adjectiveadjic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives] Hence: adjective &adjudicar v to adjudge (= to award judicially, as a prize, etc.); adjudicar a to knock down to (at an auction) Hence: adjudication; adjudicative; adjudicator; adjudicatarioadjudicatario n highest bidder, purchaser (at an auction)adjudication n 1. knocking down (at an auction)adjudicative adj adjudging, awardingadjudicator n adjudger, awarderadjunct- see adjungeradjunction n adjunction (= the act of joining or adding)adjunctive adj adjunctiveadjuncto n 1. [Gram.] adjunctadjunger [-jung-/junct-] v to join, unite (one thing to another) Hence: adjunction; adjunctive; adjunctoadjurar v to adjure Hence: adjurationadjuration n adjurationadjustabile adj adjustableadjustage (-aje) n [Mach.] assembly (of the parts of a machine)adjustamento n adjustment (= action of adjusting)adjustar v 1. [Mach.] to fit together, set up Hence: adjustage; adjustamento; adjustabile; adjustator; readjustar-readjustamento, readjustatoradjustator n adjuster; [Mach.] fitter, setter, etc.adjut- see adjuvaradjuta n 1. the persons collectively managing public affairs, an institution, business, etc.)administrative adj administrativeadministrator n administrator, manageradmirabile adj admirableadmiral n admiral Hence: admiralato; admiralitateadmiralato n admiralship, admiraltyadmiralitate n admiralty (1. government department in charge of naval affairs)admirar v to admire Hence: admirabile; admiration; admirative; admiratoradmiration n admirationadmirative adj admiringadmirator n admireradmiscer [-misc-/-mixt-] v to admix Hence: admixtionadmiss- see admitteradmissibile adj admissibleadmissibilitate n admissibilityadmission n admission (1. act of conceding the validity or truth of)admitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to admit (1. to acknowledge as valid or true) Hence: admissibile-admissibilitate, inadmissibile-inadmissibilitate; admission-inadmission; readmitter-readmissionadmixt- see admisceradmixtion n admixture, admixtionadmoner v to admonish Hence: admonition; admonitor; admonitoriadmonestar v to admonish Hence: admonestationadmonestation n admonition, admonishmentadmonition n admonitionadmonitor n admonitor, admonisheradmonitori adj admonitoryadoculamento n (action of) fixing one’s eyes uponadocular v to fix one’s eyes upon, glue one’s eyes toadolescente¹ adj adolescentadolescente² n adolescentadolescentia n adolescenceadolescer v to grow up, to become adolescent Hence: adolescente-adolescentiaadonic adj Adonic, Adonianadonico n [Pros.] Adonicadonie adj Adonian, Adonicadonio n [Pros.] Adonic Adonis (-dó-) npr [Gr. Adrianopolis (-ópolis) npr Adrianopleadriatic adj Adriatic (1. pertaining to the Adriatic); Mar Adriatic Adriatic Adriatico n Adriaticadular v to adulate Hence: adulation; adulator; adulatoriadulation n adulationadulator n adulatoradulatori adj adulatoryadulciamento n 1. [L] ad libitum, ad lib.administrabile adj administrableadministrar v to administer (1. to furnish or apply) Hence: administrabile; administration; administrative; administratoradministration n administration (1. management of public affairs, an institution, business, etc.; 3. fop, dandy Hence: adonic-adonico; adonie-adonioadoptabile adj adoptableadoptabilitate n adoptabilityadoptar v to adopt Hence: adoptabile-adoptabilitate, inadoptabile; adoptatoradoptator n adopteradoption n adoptionadoptive adj adoptiveadorabile adj adorableadorabilitate n adorabilityadorar v to adore, worship Hence: adorabile-adorabilitate; adorationadoration n adoration, worshipadornamento n adornment (= action of adorning)adornar v to adorn; adornar de to adorn with Hence: adornamento; adornatoradornator n adorneradorsar v -; adorsar (un cosa) a to place (something) with its back againstad rem [L] ad rem, to the pointadrenal adj [Anat.] adrenal; glandulas adrenal adrenal glandsadrenalina n adrenalinadressar v to address (1. as in “to address a prayer to”); adressar se to address oneself (to)adresse [F] n address (1. as in “address of a letter, package, etc.”) Hence: adressar Adria npr (city of) Adria Hence: adriatic-Adriatico Adriano nprm Adrian Hence: Adrianopolis etc. to render ductile or malleableadulte adj adult, grown-up Hence: adultoadultera (-últera) n adulteressadulterar v 1. to commit adultery Hence: adultero-adulterin, adulterose, adultera; adulterio; adulteration; adulteratoradulteration n adulteration (= action of adulterating)adulterator n 1. adultereradulterin adj adulterineadulterio n adultery; committer adulterio to commit adulteryadultero (-últero) n adultereradulterose adj adulterousadulto n adultadumbrar v to overshadow, adumbrate Hence: adumbrationadumbration n adumbration, overshadowingadurer [-ur-/-ust-] v 1. [Med.] to cauterize Hence: aduste; adustionadust- see adureraduste adj burnt, scorched, adustadustion n 1. [Med.] cauterizationad valorem [L] [Com.] ad valoremadvenimento n advent (= arrival)advenir [-ven-/-vent-] v to happen, come to pass Hence: advenimento; advento-adventicieadvent- see adveniradventicie adj adventitious Advento n [Eccl.] Adventadverbial adj adverbialadverbio n adverb Hence: adverbialadvers- see adverteradversar v to opposeadversario n adversaryadversative adj [Gram.] adversativeadverse adj 1. opposite (= placed opposite)adversitate n adversity[adverso] adv/prep 1.

[Mil.] adjutantadjutar v to aid, help; adjutar se de to use, make use of Hence: adjuta; adjutanteadjutor n help, helperadjuvante 1. adj helpful, adjuvantadjuvar [-juv-/-jut-] v to aid, help Hence: adjuvante; adjutor; adjutar &; coadjuvar &ad libitum, ad lib. to soften, to make milder or more pleasing, etc.; 3.

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