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Barnett and King ended their seven-year relationship in 1979, and King asked Barnett to vacate the Malibu beach house where King had been allowing Barnett to stay.

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King appeared in a feature about high-profile, pro-choice women and didn’t know the piece was being published.a massively entertaining account of the momentous 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs that also deftly deals with the numerous social issues inherent in the carnival-like contest.Emma Stone comes out swinging with a terrific turn as a star player going through significant personal turmoil, while co-directors Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton top their 2006 smash ) for Danny Boyle to direct, this buoyant film deftly captures a moment in time when long-standing social norms were beginning, but only beginning, to be upended by upstarts of a new generation.Before 2017, it was still legal in many states for an employer to terminate someone simply because the person identified as queer; the decision to protect LGBT employees' jobs was made at the federal level only this year, and even then, the decision wasn't unanimous.If King was faced with coming out now, she'd still have to grapple with possible damage to her public image, finances and career.“The whole world was in tumult, and so was I," King said.

"I was so ashamed." She didn’t tell her family or husband about her feelings and was unprepared to cope when she met Barnett.

It took decades for King to reclaim what had been taken from her.

King told in a 2006 feature that she discovered her attraction to women in 1968.

Though our society is slightly more inclined to celebrate queer athletes than we were in the 1970s, the law hasn't fully caught up to public opinion.

Gay marriage became legal across the United States only in 2015.

Barnett attempted suicide unsuccessfully in 1981, the same year the trial concluded, and was left paralyzed from the waist down.