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The first permanent The maid costume varies from café to café but most are based upon the costume of French maids, often composed of a dress, a petticoat, a pinafore, a matching hair accessory (such as a frill or a bow), and stockings.

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Increasingly, maid cafés offer grooming services, such as ear cleanings and leg, arm, and back massages (provided the customer remains fully clothed), for an additional fee.are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants found predominantly in Japan.In these cafés, waitresses dressed in maid costumes act as servants, and treat customers as masters (and mistresses) in a private home, rather than as café patrons.Syrup can be used to decorate desserts, and omelette rice , a popular entrée, is typically decorated using ketchup.This service adds to the image of the waitress as an innocent but pampering maid.For example, customers should not touch a maid's body, ask for a maid's personal contact information, or otherwise invade her personal privacy (by stalking).

One common rule in a maid café is that photographs of maids or the café interior are forbidden.

Customers can order coffee, other beverages, and a wide variety of entrées and desserts.

However, in maid cafés, waitresses will often decorate a customer’s order with cute designs at his or her table.

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