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Dating men bethesda

The fragrance is created in cooperation with P&G Prestige Product and International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. It comes in a glass made bottle that matches the shape of The One for Women bottle, only with silver-metal neck and chocolate-brown rectangular top.

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I see a young adult wearing this, in close encounter occasions. The EDT is a far superior scent when compared to its newer EDP version and i will reach for EDT each time i have to choose between these two. Easy 10/10 for scent Would make the best signature scent ever.I think that this best suits college guys, but would work from 18 to up to anyone's 30s .I get 1 hour of good longevity and then it slowly becomes a scent after 3 hours and then it last for another 3 hours, for a total of 6 hours.Finally this scent rounds out with a bit of coriander and cedar, which take the sweetness and spice of this scent and give it some woody earthiness.Yeah, after the notes do their job we are left with about a 4 hour olfactory extravaganza and then... Yes, The One just fades away and takes a bit of your heart away as well.Online shops offers: Fragrance 7 items for 3.89 - 101.39 USDFragrance EUR 5 items for 33.97 - 75.66 7 items for 34.36 - 69.99 3 items for 37.25 - 67.95 GBPFragrance 5 items for 39.59 - 88.19 USDView products...

After launching more than successful fragrance for women, The One, Dolce&Gabbana house will, at the beginning of March 2008, launch a fragrance for men named The One for Men.

This is not generic and will get you to stand-out , especially outside urban areas or outside of cities.

I think this is the new la-nuit de Lome in a sense.

The opening takes your nose and imagination to new places and heights, it is that good.

Just when you think this scent can't get any better...

Compliments: 10/10 Women love it, you get very often positive feedback while wearing this scent. There are so many gorgeous perfumes out there, why did D&G made this???