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Dating site scams fake profiles

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Some of the features of Victoria Brides are similar to other features that may or may not scam visitors.

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They’ve also got a feature called the Faces Feature which allows you to choose women that you like on the site.Okay, so here is where everything seems to go really south.After joining and taking a closer look at the site, you’lll notice that even a completely empty profile is going to get views. Simple, why the hell would any real woman want to view a profile that’s completely empty? Well, perhaps Victoria Brides is the dating site for you.However, before you jump right in and give them your credit card information, I want you to read this entire review.Auto messages are not going to get you laid one bit, keep that in mind.

Many people have not even realized that the company shares very important information in their terms and condition.

They’s got a few features such as Searching, Messaging, Corresponding, Credit Purchasing, and Faces section. You guessed it, the Search function allows you to search for females from Ukraine using location and age to connect with them.

Another feature is the messaging where you can send gifts, winks, messages and all that fun stuff, supposedly.

Those profile views led me to look into the emails that I was getting.

Turns out that I had received what I personally believe to be automated emails.

Guess what, the website admits to creating fake female profiles.