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This is a pure advocacy article written by someone in a PR shop defending the allocation of taxpayer money to a hedge fund that doesn’t need the money. One would think that the writing would be more prominently featured on the home page, but then again – Yahoo Finance is a click bait salad.more That’s Greg Piechota, a business school student who wants to work for a hedge fund. The quote above comes from hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, who shares an interesting thesis with the world: An economic recession would “ironically” boost employment among young Americans. I’ll bet him a steak at Delmonico’s with all the trimmings. If it hits somewhere around 5,000 any time by 2020, I’ll buy him two steaks. more Over the past three decades, the alternative investment industry has grown to become one of the most imperative contributors to global economy, managing trillions of dollars.

You need the martini glass to offer the illusion of class.Alternative headline: Man tearing down eight-figure houses because he can.Alternate-alternative headline: One-man housing bubble stirs residents in Hamptons.more The Wall Street Journal has no love for Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy. That’s the subhead to today’s blistering op-ed piece titled “Connecticut’s Hedge-Fund Bribe.” After the state taxed General Electric out of the state – and the industrial giant fled to Massachusetts – the Governor signed away $22 million in taxpayer money to keep Ray Dalio and Bridgewater in the state.The Hartford Current called the deal great for the state – but this isn’t even an op-ed piece. more I’m starting to find the blog posts of Julia La Roche at Yahoo Finance more interesting and fantastically random in the world of finance.Though it is not on matters of finance, it covers a typical theme you might have read before. more That’s Joe Marenda, managing director of Cambridge Associates.

His argument is basically to avoid 95% of hedge funds out there today.

The reason straight vodka is in order is because Donald Trump has proven to be to the left of Hillary Clinton on almost every economic issue so far this year – and he continues to promote policy concepts that don’t stand up to academic rigor or economic reality.

more May 6, 2016 “Steven is a professional at the highest level with an extensive and very successful financial background.” That’s Donald Trump naming his new fundraising chair, Steven Mnuchin, chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management.

Piechota is part of a CNBC profile about the challenges that hedge funds face when seeking new talent. Odey calls for higher rates as a way to boost bank lending and spur business spending. We’ll agree on whose data we will use, and we will start with June 1, 2016. By no means this industry is a stranger to some of the toughest, business impacting regulations the global financial system has ever seen: Dodd-Frank, AIFMD, GLBA, SOX, FISMA, along other regulations planned for 2016 and beyond.

Here’s an interesting little part that comes shortly after his quote about his rejection from Bridgewater Associates. more I’ll take the other side of this prediction in a heart beat. However, recent cybersecurity initiatives from the U. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), and later by National Futures Association (NFA), caught many fund managers by surprise for two main reasons. The SEC has accused Mickelson of profiting off two trades provided to him from gambler William “Billy” Walters – who received inside information from former Dean Foods chairman Tom Davis.

he fancies himself an economist because he found a way to make people pay him $18 million per film in which the central plot is about a country or world having to save him from himself…