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We adopted contemporary web standards for application programming interface transport, authorization, and user interface, and standard medical terminologies for coded data.In our initial design, we created our own openly licensed clinical data models to enforce consistency and simplicity.

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The Clinical Document Architecture ((CDA), based on RIM) and its C32 templates provided more detailed guidance during the Meaningful Use Stage 1 timeframe, but these specifications did not address granular data access, and also led to inconsistent implementation.Results We introduced the SMART on FHIR platform with a demonstration that included several commercial healthcare IT vendors and app developers showcasing prototypes at the Health Information Management Systems Society conference in February 2014.Conclusion In this paper, we describe the creation of SMART on FHIR, relate the experience of the vendors and developers who built SMART on FHIR prototypes, and discuss some challenges in going from early industry prototyping to industry-wide production use.The remaining need was a standard for sharing granular clinical data (e.g., a prescription, lab result, or blood pressure measurement) with a developer-friendly, semantically consistent, on-demand (vs. Based on 2010-era standards (see history above), no open specification offered a practical solution for enabling substitutable apps, and so we proceeded to define a small set of clinical data models in a specification that we now refer to as SMART Classic.We represented a set of common clinical statements using RDF, which we selected for its flexibility and adoption in Semantic Web applications.In April 2010, Mandl and Kohane secured funding to pursue the vision of EHR-as-platform through the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology’s (ONC) Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Project.

ONC funded SMART to develop an open platform for substitutable third-party apps.

During the second half of 2013, we updated SMART to take advantage of the clinical data models and the application-programming interface described in a new, openly licensed Health Level Seven draft standard called Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

Signaling our adoption of the emerging FHIR standard, we called the new platform SMART on FHIR.

While it was widely-believed that ONC would eliminate the CPO position to shift priorities after the departure of Deven Mc Graw in the fall, national coordinator Donald Rucker named an agency veteran to the post on Wednesday.

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In 20, SMART evaluated the new Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) specification for document exchange with a group of EHR vendors.