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And here we thought Friday night’s Stanford-USC Pac-12 championship on ESPN was tough to take.Actually, if you favor action games that are unplugged for lengthy replay reviews and players affecting and afflicting the game with acts of stuck-on-themselves foolishness, it was a honey.

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The sudden demand to readjust our view made it difficult to see that the kick was blocked. To make stupid worse, there was a flag on the play.Twice, Saturday, host Terry Gannon said Woods had “unfortunately” fallen out of contention. In the first quarter of Saturday’s Georgia-Auburn, UGA DT Jonathan Ledbetter was flagged for roughing when he tried, with two extra full-body blows, to literally bury Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham.The ref explained it on the field microphone as, “Using his body to punish the passer into the ground.” CBS’ Gary Danielson then offered a lengthy explanation as to how this was a good call as QBs — he cited Aaron Rodgers — can have their shoulders separated.But long story short, Ledbetter didn’t try to tackle Stidham; he tried to injure him. The all-about-me epidemic has its comically ridiculous moments.Saturday, Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield threw a long pass out of bounds to avoid a sack.When a Stanford RB was stopped inches from the goal line, it was obvious to all, especially the officials who were right there, and as then seen through ESPN’s “Progressive [Insurance] Pylon Cam.” There was no griping from Stanford.

Still, the game was stopped for a replay review while a now TV-mandatory rules expert, Bill Le Monnier, noted the obvious: Not a TD.

In the fourth quarter, USC up, 24-21, USC LB John Houston gifted Stanford a first-and-goal after he hit QB K. Costello in the head, then knocking him down well after Costello had thrown an incomplete pass — and while Costello was out of bounds!

There has never been a time when TV and football partnered to make less sense. With the Yanks naming Aaron Boone manager, it’s clear they low-balled Mike Francesa, who claimed he’d take the job “only if the money’s right.” Now ESPN has to find someone who talked at least as much as Boone during Late Sunday Night Baseball. Holmgren was gone did “Let’s Be Honest” mention that he once gave Holmgren career-altering advice. One could tell by all the slobber NBC/Golf Channel’s announcers left on our TV screens.

A statement said: "The boy wasn't allowed to see anyone (except his captor)."The man used the helpless state of the minor and was abusing him sexually." The victim - now 20 - is "emotionally damaged" by his abuse and being shut away from the world, although recently he was permitted to go outside. His family have not been located yet and are seemingly unaware that the teenager, not named, has been found alive, say reports. The statement read: "The man was arrested."He pleaded guilty during his interrogation and gave evidence on the circumstances of the crime.

"He will also be checked regarding other similar crimes that were carried out in Moscow.

The case follows the arrest last month of a man in the Russian Far East for sexually abusing his five underage foster daughters who he treated as a "harem" of sex slaves.