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Many rooms have scene-stealing sea views; suites hot tubs too.

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Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newberry (011 5480 3000, is Buenos Aires’ downtown airport, serving domestic destinations and Uruguay.Spring and autumn – October to December and April to June, respectively – are ideal times to visit Buenos Aires.However, at any time of year, be prepared for rain; heavy storms or a day or so of solid downpour.By Time Out editors Argentina is the eighth biggest country in the world, and in terms of landscapes, it is one of the most diverse places imaginable, offering vibrant jungle, wild-life packed wetlands, dramatic glaciers, mammoth mountains, sprawling pampas, dune-dotted beaches and shockingly turquoise lakes.Here, we've chosen the most inspiring destinations across Argentina, including the Vineyards in Mendoza, the towering waterfalls of Iguazú and the awe inspiring glaciers around El Calafate, and singled out the most appealing hotels and restaurants in each.Rosario is generally hot between November and March, and cold between June and August.

Be sure to visit at the weekend if you want to party, and in low season if you want some space on Florida beach.

The trip between the cities takes four hours 30 minutes by bus ( or six hours 30 minutes by train (Trenes de Buenos Aires, 0800 3333 822, Ferrocentral, 0800 1221 8736,

The airport, which is served by Aerolíneas Argentinas ( is 13 kilometres from the centre.

Lungomare Trieste was the name of the street where Monica’s mother lived in southern Italy, and the European heritage doesn’t stop there: the house itself is Catalan in style, with original tiles to prove it.

The five bedrooms are painted in vibrant colours and come with private bathrooms.

Alongside the tea-coloured Río Paraná, you’ll find riverfront bars and boardwalks, residents lining up their kayaks and boats, and restaurants in which fish are a menu centrepiece, not just a hasty afterthought once all parts of a cow have been exhausted.