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The group "gun ho" had taken position but as it was their first mission had no idea of "reality" Whilst they were ordered to lye down one had still his lower leg folded up. You don't move from this place, don't sit down, don't smoke, don't eat, don't talk on your cell phones, says their commander, leaving them alone on the street with their patrol forms. This is the story of two 18-year-old girls who are busy with their own worlds--falling in love, break-ups, and the volatile relationship between the two--in an attempt to ignore the political reality in a city that slowly makes its way into their lives.As women, this film is our own way of soul searching, about our army service and the occupation On TV last night, we decided to give it a go.Close to Home is a legal drama that tears away the facade of suburbia to reveal that sometimes quiet and tranquil streets can hide the darkest of crimes. See full summary » In The Secrets, two brilliant young women discover their own voices in a repressive orthodox culture where females are forbidden to sing, let alone speak out. See full summary » The movie follows a group of young friends in the city of Tel Aviv and is as much a love song to the city as it is an exploration of the claim that people in Tel Aviv are isolated from the ...See full summary » Maggie, a 50-year-old widow, desperately needs some money to pay for a medical treatment for her ill grandson. tin; ifitfufisf]ip \}\i)i}\m\ al UCLA's electromc Mifd Ld (lf;[jri[|f]if!

Miei (the sessutni he kioked at me said something like this. now 1 know w Ik U relax- .ition Is Wc never ieli that iekixei.1 in m\ hie It's not better than sex. "" iiachiach said (iieenbei'j described his Ihsi experience under Ini^- w L^'^.^S^ p^^ i K I * '"■' m f , -■■^.^ . ike m expressing one suggestion that angered the woman so much that she iipened her eves. In the absence of the documents, it was impossible to evaluate Clinton's -position that «he had-nothing tado- wifh the Castle Grande deal and that her work for Madison Guaranty S&L was "minimal." The billing records show 68 meet- ings and telephone calls on Madison business, including 14 conversations Trust Corp. TELEMARKETERS Pan-time/full-time, great opportunity for ca-" reer.

The difference between their situation and mine, their's had danger, mine was more like a game.

Yet the situation was , in some ways, so similar are they were people drawn to an unusual environment most likely without their consent to perform tasks they had not fully taken on board.

But reality works at different level and when one bomb explodes it stresses that fact and shows the impact it has on those soldiers.

It reminds me of someone I knew, a strong headed person who ended up being sent to Algeria in active service.

:^ *- can 1 also j cause tlie bod\ to ;i uroimmunol "j\. He pi .ictices ps\- e h\ pilosis .illeets 1 \ stren'Jihen ( o\ \varned i medical cue 1 e s \ :.ili\ e i-jht. looked at the dt Ktor let him know she was verv dis- pjestion. Ward had no funds at risk in' the deal and his share of the purchase was financed entirely by the S&L, according to the corpora- tion.