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The legitimate Do Not Call registry with the FTC does not ask for your name or address.

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Misused tools, though, cause damage, and credit cards are no different.A blind refusal to adopt credit, however, can hurt your long term wealth.When used correctly, credit cards can dramatically help your financial life.I also recently registered my number on the do not call list and received a text with my full name and address with a link to a website.Even though it was am when they sent it, I was waking enough to think logically and not click on the link.I had recieved one yesterday from a different email and a different message but suggesting the same thing and with the same link.

I know not to click on it but how do I stop these from happening? Another discussed me getting drunk when i know i never had alcohol since im underaged. If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment.

press and hold to get to the options of what to do with the message, and there isn't an option to forward to SPAM thing with T-Mobile.

A credit card is a tool, much like a hammer or Kanye West.

I'm afraid I may have just fallen victim to a phishing scam of some sort.

if anyone has had the same problem please advise on what you did.

And normally messages from sprint don't come from a seven digit phone number. I received one with him suggesting I use Ever to store photos. I was checking the message to see if anything was suspicious I should've noticed immediately being that it was an unrecognized number but, I continued to download to see if it wasn't a picture from someone I know.