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To stream the feed from your Pi’s camera, you’ll need to install avconv.

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You’ll need the stream name/key that you noted down earlier for this.(If you’re doing this via SSH, it will be easier to simply copy the stream name/key from the You Tube browser window into your remote Raspberry Pi command line.)The command, however, is long.In the subsequent screen, fill in the details you want for the live feed.This will be information about the subject of the feed, and a title, which you should add under Basic Info.This isn’t as difficult to set up as you might think, and unlike other solutions, it’s free. If you use Google Mail, there is an account ready for you to activate.We need a special URL from here that we can use to direct the footage captured by the Raspberry Pi’s camera to You Tube, thus streaming it.This is what you would normally use in You Tube to add a video.

On this occasion, however, we’re going to ignore this and click Get started button under Live Streaming.

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You’ll see something like this: And a few moments later, the footage will start streaming: In some cases, avconv won’t push your Pi’s stream to You Tube.

If this happens to you, then you should consider using ffmpeg, the precursor to avconv, which was available for older versions of Raspbian.

And how the heck do you get the footage onto You Tube?