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The album is packaged in a 132-page softcover book offering a look back, in words and pictures, on his last decade of near-incessant rambling.Cook is one of the hardest-working DIY troubadours on the road today, averaging over 160 gigs and a dozen festivals a year.

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Truly one of Woody Guthrie's children." -David Burke, Rn R Magazine Scott Cook Bio "Onesheet": Acrobat High-Resolution Photos for press use Release sheet for Further Down the Line: Acrobat Places I've played: short list complete list Album lyrics can be found in Words "It's a great, soulful and inquisitive album from the get-go, the opener a love letter to Woodie Guthrie...The album is packed with good songs of the folk variety...The album comes in booklet form--more chapbook than anything--the size of a CD and put together with artists eye and heart.He brings dark stories to life under the guise of pleasant, and excellently played folk music, which is just as subversive as screaming it over the roar of full-throat punk rock." -Michael Dunn, Beatroute "I knew as soon as I heard the album. The album has a string of originals and co-written originals, every one an excellent example of the genre. Perhaps we should all line up behind him and sing in unison.He's as good a modern folkie as we have these days. Straight vocals in a sort of campfire setting, practically made for Cook's voice. It may be the last real chance we have." -Frank Gutch, Jr., No Depression "Absolutely brilliant...The disc comes in a simply beautiful package — an annotated photo book with chapters on recording, Cook's life so far in both words and pictures from the road, including lessons on how to use the Nashville numbering style of chord progressions.

This look under the hood is amazing and very generous.

Cook's sixth full-length release also finds him leaping forward in songwriting craft, bringing him closer to the echelon he so clearly reveres: John Prine, Corin Raymond, Greg Brown.

As with his last release, Scott Cook and the Long Weekends Go Long, he's charted out his songs in the accompanying thick booklet, chords at the ready, along with a little friendly advice on how to proceed as a folk musician." -Tom Murray, Penguin Eggs "One reviewer described him as a ‘child of Woody Guthrie’ and he is certainly committed to building a new world...

Some chucklers, some political, some from the heart... A forward-thinking role model for the upcoming generation...

This used to be what a large percentage of folk music was all about. This will be an album that will be eagerly awaited by old fans but will easily manage to draw in new fans too." -Kayleigh Dann, Maverick Country "As hard traveling a man as he is, Scott Cook doesn't give into the usual world weary platitudes associated with the 21st century wandering singer-songwriter.

Fellas, Get Out the Way is especially thought-provoking, jazzy and lovely, too, like this whole acoustic ride a pleasure.