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More black women consider dating out

She told me there had been a problem at the Elks club where he was a member and she’d only learned of my father’s weapons after he had to brandish a pistol for protection.

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I could only think about my father coming out of the club after closing, the silver of his Jaguar glinting under a small strip of streetlights, a train blaring in the distance.Gun dealers have reported spikes of black women purchasing guns and the National African-American Gun Association has gained 9,000 new members since Election Day, the bulk of which is made up of women just like me.Considering the organization was just founded in 2015, and was now 18,000 members strong, I had to at least consider the possibility of joining rank. We purchased a Group On for a range in Northeast Philadelphia and I spent the drive over wiping my hands across my thighs, my body so tense I trembled and cramped. What would happen if I ended up carrying a gun and became a threat in ways I’d yet to experience?Despite this daily navigation, my father’s fear is that my muscle memory is weak, that I am too far removed from being on guard.My father knew that when he suggested I learn to shoot and get myself a permit, that I’d go home, obsessively research, and try it. I didn’t relent because I actually considered owning a gun.He was spared real jail time due to the illegal search and seizure that started the ball rolling.

He didn’t own another weapon for 25 years, saying he wouldn’t own another until he knew how to handle both the weapon and the power.

Rows of abandoned houses dot the block across the street; panhandlers stalk the gas station and beg for change at streetlights.

There are near-nightly news reports of bodies found shot, stabbed, or maimed.

We’d arrived at the club, set at the rear of a dead-end block, in the middle of a weekday.

The gravel lot was nearly empty, dotted with only a few pickup trucks and sedans.

wo days before Philando Castile was killed while informing a police officer of his concealed carry permit, I learned my father had one, too.