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DIRECTV representatives stated that I was an UVerse customer and transferred me back to the UVerse section.

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Adam determined why I wasn’t receiving cable-TV service but stated he could only fix the technical part; I would have to talk to billing to correct the statement errors. Termination request were performed by AT&T representative Dana.I agreed to a 1 year AT&T-Direc TV bundle contract for the bundled services.A phone installation date of June 14, 2017 was set. Christine stated that I would be charged $180 if I cancelled my bundled service agreement within 1 year.I spoke with AT&T representative Via Tomos from AT&T Office of the President on 12/18/17 about my account situation.She stated that I cancelled the contract and was responsible for late termination fees and other charges.AT&T stated I owed $273.47 and was past due $89.97.

The total charges on my bill for July 2017 were $404.05! My cable TV service was not restored and my previous DIRECTV account (#28562770) was closed by AT&T.

AT&T representatives acknowledged seeing notes on my account regarding the closing of my DIRECTV account but didn’t understand the reason.

AT&T representatives stated that I did not have an UVerse account and I should contact DIRECTV.

I hadn’t received cable-TV since the disconnection in July 2017 and the telephone service was questionable.

On 12/18/17 I received a copy of the letter sent to the FCC Appeals Bureau from AT&T Office of the President.

On June 14, 2017 AT&T removed my landline and installed a digital line with phone & internet.