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In fact, it was just after lunch the next day when Emily received the call from Chloe, and an hour later she was knocking on our front door.Knowing I would be in the way, I kissed her on the cheek then left so they could talk in private.

Just past midnight, I joined her and pulled her nude body against mine. " I whispered, when I felt her butt wiggle slightly. My hands started to slowly roam her body, as they often did when we were naked together, and over the next few minutes I could tell she was becoming aroused. It seemed so old school and cultured, which for some reason pleased me.She had tried to keep it as just a husband and wife thing, but it ate on her all day and that made her call my wife. I guess if you've been married a long time and things are getting dull, but they've only been married three years," I answered."I'm not sure bullying would have been the approach I would have used," I said when my wife finished, which brought a strange look. "Yes..." she replied slowly, while analyzing my words.I worked slowly, moving around her entire mound before I felt she was at just the right level of excitement.Then, I focused on her clit, rapidly assaulting it with quick cat licks.With her arms wrapped around my neck, and soft, satisfied sounds coming from her, I could now concentrate on my own pleasure.

Emily's pussy is amazingly soft and usually quite warm which makes it difficult to last long, and soon I could feel the tingling sensation begin in my groin that signaled my imminent release.

He went on to declare that if she loved him she would support the decision.

Of course, that had led to an argument, then tears, followed by more arguing that had left her a wreck.

Since they had ended up in the same city after graduation, they had been able to maintain their friendship, and I saw Chloe at least every other week.

It wasn't something I minded, as like my wife, she is very attractive and quite fun.

I ran errands for a few hours then drove home, but when I spotted Chloe's car still in the driveway, I kept going and ended up at a sports bar.