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At an early age, she begged her parents to allow her to enter a convent but was instead arranged to be married to a cruel man named Paolo Mancini.Young Rita became a wife and mother at only twelve years of age and her husband was a man of violent temper.

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He even renounced a family feud between the Mancinis and Chiquis.The movie is about the real life events of how the novella Dickens published in 1843 came to be published at all—let alone in just six weeks.Despite earlier success in the 1930s with his books , which brought him international acclaim, Dickens’ career had slumped.The bubonic plague had been spreading through Italy at that time, and when Bernardo Mancini became infected, he finally abolished the feud with the Chiqui family.Once the conflict was resolved, Rita was allowed to enter the monastery at the age of thirty-six.Under their uncle's leadership, each boy became more and more like their father had been before Rita married him, and they wanted to avenge their father's murder.

Rita attempted to stop them, but both of her sons were determined to revenge their slain father.

When Rita persisted, the convent told her she could join if she could find a way to mend the wound between the Chiquis and Mancinis.

After asking John the Baptist, Augustine of Hippo, and Nicholas of Tolentino to help her in her task, she attempted to end the feud.

Following the deaths of her sons, Rita attempted to enter the monastery of Saint Mary Magdalene in Cascia, but she was not allowed to join.

Though Rita's character and piety were recognized, her husband's association with the family feud was greatly feared.

The move stars Patti Maguire Armstrong and her husband have ten children.