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Spotify friends list not updating

There’s also the one-of-a-kind Discover Weekly playlist, an excellent source for new music you might like, generated dynamically based on your listening habits.

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For example, you can challenge each other to follow each song with the song it samples from, or co-create the ultimate flute-rock playlist.All you need is Shazam, because it'll save everything in Spotify.Once you’re in any place where a song is playing, fire up Shazam to identify the song, tap the top-right “add” button, and instantly add that song to your serendipitous Spotify mixtape. I had linked my Spotify premium account as soon as Ver. Now I cannot see any of my Sonos devices in the Spotify app. Further, in the Sonos Advanced Settings/Music Sources (Mac app) there is no option for 'Control Sonos from Spotify'. If you want to get more granular than that, you can configure and enable the Do Not Disturb settings in i OS.

(It’s the little crescent moon icon in the the swipe-from-bottom Control Center.)On an Android phone, setting your phone to “vibrate” mode may also do the trick.

Go to any playlist, tap on the ellipses at the top of the screen, and select “Go To Radio.” That’ll create a playlist that shares some of the DNA of your own favorite set, and just might reintroduce you to deep cuts you forgot about.

Depending on what your friends use, you may run into obstacles when you try to share your songs.

Back in the day, scratched a few itches that haven’t been re-scratched by newer services.

You could chill out in a virtual room with a bunch of friends and strangers, take turns spinning, and even collaborate on a nice “theme jam"—as in, everyone takes turns playing songs about food or songs about the weather or songs about technology.

Version 5.2.3 hit the Store early this morning, which is a bump from 5.2.2 back in March.