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It looks like this year will be at least as eventful and dangerous as the previous one. Dooku died by the hands of Qui-Gon's legacy, filled with regret and sorrow for his failure to save the galaxy from corruption.

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He was willingly stepping into the territory his ancestors had been practically bred for. -- Danny Phantom x Final Fantasy X -- First Draft -- Hiatus Danny is stuck in a world where dreams = power, especially dreams of the dead.She decides that enough is enough and makes a decision that may actually save the Galaxy--she will record the mistakes and the problems the Jedi Order has fallen to multiple times through flow-walking, and then she will do what no other Jedi has been able to do--send it back in time.-- Star Wars: Rebels -- Idea Geb said that going back for Ezra was a bad idea, that him getting captured would save them fuel and that the Empire would go easy on him because he's a kid.What if his argument actually swayed Kanan, and so they left Ezra--a Force-sensitive, highly resourceful street rat--to the Empire?Can she make enough changes to save everyone's future?Or is she doomed to always watch from the background as those she loves make stupid decisions that could get them all killed?So why is it that with no one to stop him from accomplishing his -- Merlin x Rurouni Kenshin -- First draft Merlin just wanted to test his limits; find his magical boundaries.

He didn't realize doing so would throw him across time and space, nor that he would end up in the middle of a country torn by war--one that does not tolerate outsiders--with no known way back -- Star Wars -- Idea My rendition of what could have happened before 'A New Hope'.

As he is both alive and dead, he has the potential to be the most powerful being Spira has ever seen.

Now if he could just use that power to try and find a way home... She actually managed to live through the nine-tails being ripped out of her and watched as her husband died trying to save their son.

It's taken her years to get over that and the fact that her family was killed that night.

Still, they'd found another vessel for Kyuubi, somehow and she was no longer welcome in Konoha. But when a familiar blond shows up and throws her world into chaos, she becomes a force to be reckoned with and the council of Konoha is going to learn that you never come between a Kunoichi and her child--especially one Uzumaki Kushina. Potter's Gang are back for their second year at Hogwarts, and face a dramatic escape, a mysterious diary, a strange cat, a "loony" girl, a hidden monster and many past secrets coming to light.

EPIC rewrite, Extremely AU (as in changing some of the ideas, a lot of the history and a bunch of the culture). -- Star Wars -- Idea Allanah Tel Ka has lived to see the Galaxy fall into chaos.