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The information is a welcome addition to Maps, as users can quickly navigate through multi-level complexes or large indoor facilities without referencing a website or physical guide.

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In order to minimise unnecessary travel risks for patients, only urgent procedures will take place tomorrow and only essential community services will operate.Update 10.47pm: Bus Éireann has cancelled all services nationwide from 5am to 2pm due to a national red weather alert.The company said it will review the situation in the morning and attempt to provide some level of service in the afternoon, However, it said it is likely that widespread disruption will continue."This unprecedented decision is taken in the interests of our customers and staff, and following careful consideration of the advice of agencies co-ordinating a response to Hurricane Ophelia," Bus Éireann said."We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption this will cause, but the hurricane is described as a ‘life threatening event’ and both Met Éireann and the National Emergency Co-Ordination Group have advised people to ‘stay indoors’ and ‘not to travel.’ "Bus Éireann have also informed their employees not to travel to work tomorrow before 2pm," it added. An Post have cancelled mail services in Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Galway Clare and Limerick.Bus Éireann has cancelled all services nationwide from 5am to 2pm due to the national Status Red weather alert and airlines have advised intending passengers to check the status of their flight before travelling to the airport.Dunnes Stores announced the closure of its stores nationwide on Twitter and apologised for "any inconvenience caused" to its customers.Update 12.09am: People have been urged to keep in mind their personal safety as Hurricane Ophelia approaches the country and is expected to bring winds in excess of 130km per hour.

People are advised to stay indoors and not to make any unnecessary journeys throughout the course of the day.

A decision on the rest of the country is being deliberated by the mail service.

Irish Rail have also announced service disruptions.

Apple is constantly updating its catalog of indoor maps locations.

The most recent addition came in October when a few U.

We would ask passengers to contact their airline with regard to updates on schedule changes for tomorrow," she added.