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Sometimes people reading the Truth get depressed by it.

When one of his parishoners gets too sick to work, his daughter Holly (Reynolds) finds a job working ...Everything should be wonderful, but their bodybuilder father doesn't approve of his daughters' physically underdeveloped fiancés, a singer and a lawyer, in this musical romantic comedy.Sailor Danny Xavier Smith and two other gobs try to save his sister Susan's virtue.See more » Unlike MGM's expensive, classic musicals of the 1950s, the modest, light-hearted but equally delicious "Athena" has been all-but-forgotten.A shame, because this lilting, lively melodious lark is not only a wryly amusing satire on an eccentric family of health-food nutritionists/numerologists, but, most importantly, a dazzling showcase for some of the most tuneful musical numbers to grace any film of its era.The score, by Ralph Martin and Hugh Blane (of "Meet Me in St.

Louis" fame), offers such treats as Jane Powell singing the poignant, haunting ballad "Love Can Change the Stars" (which should have become a popular hit); Powell, Debbie Reynolds and their 5 sisters performing a breathtakingly energetic, knockout song-and-dance production number "I Never Felt Better"; and Ms.

In later years, Williams revealed that this was one of the reasons she decided to leave MGM.

See more » Right before Debbie Reynolds and Vic Damone go into the musical number in the health store, the microphone shadow passes over the cardboard cutout of the counter top muscle man advertising Viatalo.

Powell (never more bewitchingly alluring) setting off vocal fireworks with her superb rendition of Donizetti's "Chacun Le Sait" from the operetta "Daughter of the Regiment." The plot, wherein Powell & Ms.

Reynolds defie their nutritionist fanatic grandfather's (a delightful Louis Calhern) dictums by falling in love with, respectively, Edmund Purdom and Vic Damone (two carnivores with the wrong "signs") is decades ahead of its time in its wise, gentle and good-humored satire of life-styles and fads (culminating in a body-builder contest where one of Calhern's proteges is Steve Reeves, who would a mere 4 years later attain international screen stardom as "Hercules").

See full summary » This project was initiated by Esther Williams as a vehicle for herself, combining swimming sequences with the satiric yet earnest pro-health-related aspects of the plot.