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Wes and kellyanne dating

Too Early To Tell: Ibis (Champion), Susie (Champion), Kelly Anne (Challenger), Brianna (Challenger), Sarah (Challenger), Kimberly (Challenger), Adam (Challenger), Cohutta (Challenger), Danny (Challenger), Nick (Challenger) Lots of people in this category because there’s only been one challenge and it’s hard to see how these people fit into the dynamic.

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Wes/Kenny/Johanna/Kelly Anne; Wes/Kenny Longtime Rivals, Wes/Johanna Austin Exes, Wes/Kelly Anne Ruins Exes, Kenny/Johanna Island Exes, Kenny/Kelly Anne Island Rivals, Johanna/Kelly Anne Ruins Rivals.) I was pretty pumped as this could lead to some very interesting team combinations and I actually really enjoyed Battle of the Seasons (2012).This will be the first time Bunim-Murray has grabbed people from a show not MTV, and many have speculated this means we will soon be seeing Challengers on Celebrity Big Brother.This is big news for The Challenge, and it is impossible to tell where it could lead in the future.However, this idea turned out to not be the case as well.Current buzz indicates this season is called Vendettas and will be played in two large teams.Not in the typical “unstable reality-show contestant” way; I think she has legitimate mental issues.

Watching her getting into drunken altercations no longer feels like sociological voyeurism, and there’s no schadenfreude from her inevitable downfall, because she’s not one of the usual vain, self-indulgent, overgrown adolescents on these shows; she’s just someone with a lot of problems. And now, the Week 1 Power Rankings: Eliminated: Chet (Challenger) and Diem (Challenger) I was sorry to see Chet go, but mainly because it meant Wes stayed. Barely Hanging On: Tonya (Champion), Shauvon (Challenger), Wes (Champion) Wes and Tonya each won close competitions in “the Ruins,” and Shauvon was just happy not be sent into the elimination. "We Take, Among Other Things, Umbrage" Aught Lang Syne Comedy Culture Economics Education Film Food Getting Lost Law Literature MLB Preview Bonanza Monday Medley Music NPI Comes Alive!

And yet, despite his unredeemable personality, Wes was engaged to Johanna and is now dating Kelly Anne.

Those are two of the five most attractive girls in recent Real World history. It’s not like he can really get by on his looks or his killer personality.

He spent most of his time in Austin breaking furniture, trying to make Johanna jealous.

His temper made it's most memorable appearance their last night in the house, when he berated Rachel after she leaked he and Wren's secret hook up.

My only guess is that MTV likes to set up a clear underdog to maintain the possibility of a final challenge upset, but the only time that works is when the underdog wins via some technicality, like when Eric passed out during the final challenge of , preventing the team from having “every team member cross the finish line.” What MTV should do is have an individual competition in the first episode, with the two winners earning the rights to pick their teams as “captain” playground style.