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Who is adam scott actor dating

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Could he convince Lucy that there are men worth dating out there, after all?Adam is an actor who lives in London and Lucy is the chief operating officer of a technology company, and lives in Kent.

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But I soon realised that our lives are quite different.It's none of our business who the lovely Amy Poehler decides to date.Furthermore, if she doesn't want to date, snog or hold hands with anyone for now, that's jim dandy too.My routine revolves around my two young children and un-noteworthy office work.Listening to Adam, his life — giving up his job to become an actor a few years ago — sounded far more exotic and interesting! Because this Thursday, Leslie Knope will debate empty-headed one percenter Bobby Newport on “Parks and Recreation” in an episode that Knope’s portrayer, Amy Poehler, wrote and directed. I think it’s a real missed opportunity that Ben just let that one go.

In recognition of that event — and in tandem with a “Parks and Recreation” story that will appear soon online and in this Sunday’s Style section — Celebritology is throwing a Pawnee-palooza right here in the blog. Not only is he talented, but I’m intrigued by that story he’s coming up with for that man who got up from a bed in a room.

What about the stop-motion animation thing as a potential career path? As anyone knows, a career in stop-motion animation is a lucrative, dependable one.

I think Ben thrives in number and politics and public service. But at the same time I really like it when they throw me into situations I don’t like, so — I don’t know. It doesn’t have to be — the writers on this show seem to be able to mine laughs out of just about anything, so I kind of leave all of that to them because whatever idea I might have, theirs is always better.

Scott would not be the first golfer to date a Swedish nanny - Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren was working for fellow professional Jesper Parnevik when he introduced her to the American at the 2001 Open Championship.

'Adam is a great player and I'm confident this victory will catapult him to win more majors,' Norman said.

So all I'm saying is that I want the best for her and, as such, a had a little fun playing Hollywood matchmaker.