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Deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest increased massively in 2014 when it rose by 467 per cent.Forest covers approximately 31 per cent of the planet, according to the World Wildlife Fund, and up to 58,000 sq miles of forest is lost each year.

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Fourteen in number, they constituted a distinct minority in this prestigious school in an area dominated by another tribe, the Gikuyu.“These groups change locations every four years or so,” said Mr Meirelles, speaking to Earlier this year, extraordinary new photos emerged of a Yanomami indigenous tribe in the Brazilian Amazon close to the Venezuelan border.Mr Meirelles said the tribe, which includes around 300 people, appeared healthy.Gikuyu conflicts both with the British and with non-Gikuyu tribes (including the Kalenjin) factored in the creation of Kalenjin solidarity and unity.Traditionally, the basic unit of political organization among the Kalenjin was the koret or parish.“The experience touched me deeply as a unique event. Yet here in Brazil there are people who continue to live as humankind has for tens of thousands of years.” The state of Acre, home to this tribe, imposes strict anti-logging laws.

The jungle across the border in Peru, however, is reportedly rife with illegal logging, gold prospectors and drug traffickers.

Rather than making decisions himself, the poiyot ap kokwet expressed the group's opinion, always phrased in terms of a group decision.

Today, this system has been replaced with a system imposed by the British colonial government.

This spokesman was someone recognized for his speaking abilities, knowledge of tribal laws, forceful personality, wealth, and social position.

At public proceedings, although the poiyot ap kokwet was the first to speak, all of the elders were given the opportunity to state their opinions.

The origin of the name Kalenjin and the Kalenjin ethnic identity can be traced to the 1940s.